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The Saker
The Vineyard of the Saker (February 26, 2022)

I warned my readers but alas, many ignored my warning.

So all day I was flooded with stupid questions asking me to respond to western PYSOP fakes. And I have to admit, this time they pulled all their forces together: western ziomedia, Eurorodent media, the “worldwide solidarity campaign”, vodka being pulled out from US stores, etc. etc. etc. The example below was taken today from one British website, I just put the three headlines together, see for yourself what they proclaim:

I have to admit that the Russian Atlantic Integrationists, the 5th columnists and the 6th columnist are also out in force. Oh sure, only a few hundred people here and there, but the main goal of their demonstrations were achieved: the western PSYOPs will now tell you that most Russians are totally opposed to this military operation or even to Putin. Self-declared members of the supposed “intelligentsia” have joined forces and are posting open letters of protest in the Russia media. Bravo! You chose a crucial moment to make your move and the Russian people won’t forget or forgive you for this. I expect a wave of “political emigration” from Russia towards the EU to begin pretty soon. Good! The Kremlin should pay for their airline tickets and moving costs if they are willing to surrender their Russian passport before take-off.

But what do *I* do now???

I have two options:

As you can guess, I pick option #2.

So, please don’t bother asking me whether it is true or not that 3 courageous Ukie grannies stopped and destroyed an entire column of Russian tanks. If you ask the question, you disqualify yourself from getting an reply from me.

Next, here is how things more or less stand:

Not much new here from this morning. Let me rephrase that – there are plenty of developments, but not major changes to the map. The one exception if that the LDNR forces and the Russian forces from Crimea have joined just north of Mariupol. The city will be stormed and it will be very violent as Mariupol is to the hardcore Ukronazis what the Donetsk airport was in the first and second wars.

The other big news is that heavy Russian systems (MLRS, TOS-1) have been seen in numerous locations, they might be used to prevent an escape of Ukie forces from the operational cauldron in the Donbass.

In the meantime, the glorious French Navy has intercepted a Russian flagged cargo ship with cars destined for Saint Petersburg under the pretext that the bank owning it was under “sanctions” (reminder: only the UNSC can impose sanctions, all others only steal). This act of piracy on the high seas got an enthusiastic support from the western PSYOPs (see here and here).

As for our Ukie friends, they have mostly evacuated to Lvov and declare that they will negotiate with Russia “from a position of force”. Like NATO. And the EU. And the US.

Good luck with that!

I have to add that I am personally deeply hurt and offended by the “russophobic consensus” in the West. I always knew that there was a hardcore of Russia-haters out there, but I also thought that there was a generally pro-Russian part of the public out there too. Today their silence is deafening. The poet Yehuda Bower once wrote these lines:

Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
And above all,
Thou shalt not be a bystander

For me, this is about modern Europe who prefers to glorify Nazis then to stop hating Russian for our two major sins: first, that we exist, and, second, that we live on your natural resources. Either that, or we are dealing with a cold-hearted indifference of a society which has no other values left than rabid consumption and hatred of the other.

Clearly, the vast majority of people in the West see us, Russians, as Snow Niggers who had the nerve to burn down their Master’s plantation and who now deserve to be lynched by “a few resolute men”.

To all those who hate us, and many of them read this blog, I have this to say: your hatred and hypocrisy say nothing about us, but they do say a lot about you: You even hate us more than you (pretended) to hate the Nazis.

All of Zone A is declaring its total, unwavering and categorical support with, and sympathy for, the Ukronazi mass murderers. Even western Jews rather side with the Banderites than to just leave Russia alone. So tonight, I can honestly say: my disgust with the West knows no limits.


Which leaves one big question: Kiev. One Ukrainian observer, Iurii Podoliaka, whose map I use above, thinks that the Russians might storm the city and establish some kind of provisional Ukrainian government over there. Frankly, he might be right, but I don’t like it. Not even one tiny bit.

I would much prefer if Russian forces stayed just outside the cities they blocked/surrounded. Let the Ukies simply stew in their urban areas for, say, a week. THEN see what your options are. All the doubleplusgoodthinking virtue signaling hypocrites always shed crocodile tears for the “innocent civilians” almost every time a war breaks out. Unless the civilians are Russians or Serbs or Iraqis (‘bad guys”), of course. But in this case, I think that in this specific case the Russians should go out of their way to minimize casualties on ALL sides, including the Ukrainian one. Here is why:

The Ukro-Nazis have basically recreated Hitler’s Volkssturm and distributed all the weapons they had to anybody willing to grab one. Which means this: in the very near future, the Ukronazi version of the Rwandan Interahamwe will soon be roaming the country. Far from looking like Somalia or Yemen, Banderastan will soon look like some particularly dangerous part of the Congo.

And, I want the Ukrainian people to clean house, not the Russians, sorry.

I do not want my country involved in Banderastan, not economically, not politically, not socially. While I TOTALLY approve of the double-goal of disarmament and denazification, I while I do very much hope that the Russians will kill most Nazis and destroy those weapons systems and capabilities which threaten Russia. But no more than that!

I am very sorry, but the Ukies created this ugly and bloody mess, and its for them to clean it. We owe them exactly *nothing*.

It is therefore NOT in Russia’s interest to kill or even disarm all of the Ukrainian law enforcement or even the military. And if that means to slow down to talk first, I hope that they do it.

To give you a taste of the current chaos, I leave you with a screenshot of an announcement made in a major Ukie rail-station (which I shall not identify). Check this out, along with my translation:

Please disseminate the following amongst your contacts. N Rashist-saboteurs (Note: “rashist”: slur on Russian) have disguised themselves in Ukrainian police uniforms. They understand Ukrainian but they can be recognized because they wear an ear-piece!!!!!!! So if you see a cop with an ear-piece he is not a Ukrainian policeman. Be super careful or simply shoot them on sight.

Cute, no?

And, predictably, there are numerous reports from surrounded and even from partially occupied cities that heavily armed gangs are shooting it out with each other.

Yesterday, a Ukie Volkssturm group even attacked an SBU (Ukie KGB) and disarmed them (thanks guys, that helped Russia for sure!).

Want another crazy event?

“Ze” announced that 80 Ukrainian special forces members died defending a small island from a Russian assault. According to “Ze” – they all died heroically. Problem: in reality, they surrendered to the Russians, were evacuated, processed, fed (water and MREs) and house in dorms until their evacuation back home.

But who cares about the truth?

In a Zone A turned “massive orgy for shiteaters” where the truth does simply not matter, not even conceptually!

Each lie is “fired” in lieu of a missile or a shell, as the Anglos say “all is fair in love and war”.

Nothing really new here, Russians have been exposed to that since the Winter Crusade times.

Anyway, I will end with a few requests which I REALLY would appreciate you respected: please,

Okay, I am taking off for the evening.

“See” you all tomorrow late morning with, hopefully, less “fog of war” and more real news.



PS: try to remember that this is only day 3 of the war, even the comparatively small 08.08.08 war lasted 5 days (including only three of real combat). This one should take a week or so, depending on the objectives of the Kremlin (which I am still not quite sure about).