"Best Dreizen ever! Plague returns, USA real estate crashes,
and why 2 Brit mercs = toast
by Jacob Dreizin, The Dreizin Report (June 18, 2022)

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[38:19] “Some people did catch on to my criticism of Scott Ritter in my last video and they said ‘No, Jacob, you’re wrong. Scott never said that sending HIMARs to Ukraine would be a game changer. You’re not criticizing him fairly there.’ And I have to admit, I accused him of bouncing around. You know: He says Russia’s going to win, then ‘Oh my God, Russia’s going to lose!’ Whatever. I admit it’s true he never said that the HIMARs specifically would be a game changer. What he said is a game changer is the 40 billion in assistance that was passed by the U.S. Congress to be used for the Ukraine. And he actually compared that to the Russian military budget and said that this is almost Russia’s annual military budget, and Russia is not going to be able to win like this unless they massively mobilize and call up the reserves and all. And that is just off on so many angles, I mean, where do I even start?”

“First of all, how can you compare, I mean, Russia gets like ten times more bang for its buck from what it spends on its military than America. For America 40 billion dollars you basically have enough to buy some tissues to wipe your nose. So, there’s no game changer there. I mean, the U.S. government sent, you know, hundreds of billions into Afghanistan and the Taliban still won. OK! 40 billion dollars is not a game changer. That’s ridiculous.”

And the next thing he said is now that the U.S. and NATO are massively committed to this massive supply and training operation of the Ukraine, the only way Russia can win is if it has a mass mobilization, calling up the reserves and everything. And in that case the gentleman was speaking from ignorance, because again, with the Dreizen Report, I have my ear close to the ground, I speak the language, I track their news very carefully, so I can read between the lines. And what I can tell you, is that Russia has had a covert mobilization. They have called up at least several tens of thousands of reservists since this war started. They have also gotten tens of thousands of civilian volunteers to fight in the Ukraine, first and foremost this Sixth Kazakh Regiment that is now working in Severodonetsk and the area of Zlatoya and north of Papasnia trying to encircle the Ukrainians over there. So there has been a mobilization. It’s just not something that they advertise in the headlines. Like, look, we’ve got civilian volunteers coming in that are basically like a militia. We’re partially calling up the reserves. They’re not going to advertise. Just because they’re not advertising it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

So in that sense, Ritter was off on a number of points, partly from ignorance and partly from the fact that he is bouncing around. Around 40 billion dollars is going to make no difference at all. If the USA plows a 100 billion into the Ukraine, it is still going to make no difference. We’re seeing that the Russians are literally taking out the star, either destroying it or taking it as war trophies. They’re taking the stuff out, literally, as soon as NATO can get it into the country. I mean, there’s literally, essentially almost no net increase in Ukrainian hardware because it’s being taken over or destroyed by Russia. OK? I’m not saying that it’s not making a difference, but when you use the term Game Changer, that has a strong connotation and you’re implying that it’s going to change the course of something or hugely impact, and it’s not. It’s just making the war somewhat longer, but the outcome is absolutely clear, regardless.”