"Azov Battalion Giving Up the Ghost in Avostal"
Larry Johnson
A Son of the New American Revolution (May 16, 2022)

[graphic from comment thread on Andrei Martyanov's blog]:

"The Letter Z: Ukranazistan ended combat missions in Mariupol the way a dead person ceases certain metabolic activities."

The Russians captured the sea side city of Mariupol in late April, which consisted of all the parts of the city inhabited by regular folks and the government buildings. A remnant of the Azov Battalion–a proven neo-Nazi organization–retreated into the bowels of the Avostal Steel plant. Initially, the Russians set up a security cordon around the massive facility and seemed prepared to wait them out. But Russia changed its mind and its operation and re-commenced a ferocious artillery, bomber and missile barrage with the intent of killing the Azov remnants or forcing their surrender.

Between 270 and 300 Azov members opted to survive and surrendered today to the Russians.

This surrender provides one more piece of evidence of the lies and delusions that infect Volodomyr Zelenshky’s goverment. Ten days ago Zelensky sang a different tune during talks with the UK:

Zelenskyy and Kuleba claims to the contrary, Mariupol is coming back to life. Electricity and water service are being restored. It is true that some parts of the city suffered enormous damage and buildings must be destroyed and rebuilt. The city exists, just not under Ukrainian control.

Here is what one of the Azov commanders declared in late February about the looming battle for Mariupol. He was trying his best to channel Winston Churchill:

[rumble video - link to original article to play this]

Looks like the last drop of blood has come and gone. Russia, instead of shooting these guys in the head as the crawl out of their holes, is rendering medical attention in line with the Geneva Convention:

[rumble video - link to original article to play this]

And here is further video evidence courtesy of an RT correspondent that this was more than just a couple of guys raising the white flag:

[rumble video - link to original article to play this]

Finally, if you are skeptical of the claims that Azov is enamored of Nazi symbolism, here is a before and after photo of one of the former fighters extracted from Avostal. Notice the flag–Misanthropic Division–carries the Nazi Totenkopf. According to the ADL, this is a NAZI symbol (read here):

My friend Andrei Martyanov writes that we should, “Prepare for some big stories” as a result of the surrender of Avostal. I trust Andrei’s instincts.

One final observation about those in the west who insist that there are no Nazi elements in Ukraine because Zelensky is a Jew. I want to introduce you to Chaim Rumkowski. He was a prominent Jewish leader in the Lodz Ghetto:

One can make the case that Zelesky’s conduct as Ukrainian President puts him in line to be remembered as a 21st Century Chaim Rumkowsky.