"Another 'Nuclear Iran' Claim By David Albright Gets Debunked"
by b
Moon of Alabama (June 11, 2021)

Two days ago FOX News ran another sensational story about Iran's nuclear program.

However the claims in that story are based on a report by David Albright's Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS). Albright is known for his false or misleading conclusions about mostly random 'evidence'.

The story:

The pictures FOX News presents are supposed to show the site on October 15 2020 and on January 18 2021. There are only slight differences.

Remarks on the pictures note that there are "18 vehicles", "concealment sheeting" and "bulldozer scarring". How those are supposed to be related to alleged manufacturing of "shock wave generators" for nuclear weapons is beyond me [my emphasis added].

The Times of Israel adds some quotes:

There is a history of such insinuation by David Albright's ISIS. The ones in 2008 about an alleged North Korean reactor in Syria turned out to be false. In 2013 Albright's ISIS issued a report about alleged Iranian imports of magnets which, ISIS claimed, were for Uranium centrifuges. There was only one problem with that claims. The magnets Iran allegedly ordered would not have fit for that purpose. In 2015 Albright was very concerned about a massive nuclear explosion chamber in an Iranian building which was covered with a pink(!) tarp. Several media reported about it. When finally people went there they found the building empty.

It is therefore not astonishing that the most recent claims about the Sanjarian (Jajrud) site also turn out to be false.

The Unhappy Scientist explains:

Machine translated from Farsi and edited for readability:

The location pictures shown in the video are consistent with the satellite pictures. The TV series production time frame fits exactly with the rearranged dirt.

A production company finds a fitting location for its TV series. Satellite pictures show that some dirt was moved around. "Nuclear, nuclear, something," screams David Albright. The usual media report the nonsense [my emphasis added].

One wonders how long it will take Fox News to issue a correction for this one.


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And as if made to order, today we have this TASS article: