"Ania, Larry and Me"
by Andrei Martyanov
Reminiscence of the Future July 14, 2023)

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20:35 Ania K: “What can we expect after this meeting? Is there anything in your opinion – what kind of harm can they still create after this meeting?

22:00 Larry Johnson: “Where they’re headed right now, just three days before the NATO meeting convened, Biden in a secret meeting with military / National Security advisers made the decision to authorize the deployment of what they call individual ready reserve and secret reserve. It’s not a lot of people. From a military standpoint it is inconsequential. But it is highly important from a symbolic standpoint because they’re saying that they’re being deployed to provide reinforcements for Operation European Resolve which is about fighting Russia. That’s number one. But that’s not all they did. What has not been announced in the Press is that they have also decided to deploy three armored brigades. So roughly fifteen thousand troops into Poland and Romania. Now the specific locations have not been determined yet, but they’re doing that. The United States is also positioning B-52s in Alaska when they’re normally stationed in North Dakota. So they’re moving them closer to Russia, closer to China, again as a symbolic sort of saber rattling.

22:11 So all of this, let’s call it Meager Muscle Flexing, because it’s not like there’s actual real power behind it. It’s like the skinny guy flexing his muscles and you can barely see it. But it’s coming at a time when Ukraine is losing catastrophically. We’re not talking about minor setbacks. We’re talking about the utter destruction of the Ukrainian army. I think that is what is taking place right now. And NATO doesn’t have an answer for it. So they’re almost looking to try to provoke a response from the West.

22:45 “And Andrei and I talked about this previously, that the problem is, the West believes its own lies about Russia. They keep telling themselves that the Russian military is inadequate, that it is inferior, that it’s poorly trained, that it’s poorly led, that non-commissioned officers are a bunch of drunken morons/buffoons, that they don’t have good weapons systems, they don’t have good coordination. And the problem is the West now believes that. They genuinely believe that. That’s what is important for people to understand in this conversation: When you mistakenly believe something and act on it, you’re likely to do some things that you wouldn’t do [otherwise]. . . . And I think that is what is likely to happen within the next two or three weeks with the NATO countries. Whether it’s Poland, Lithuania, the United States, they’re going to act upon their mistaken belief that Russia is weak and cowardly. And they’re going to touch the hot stove and it’s going to burn them and burn them terribly.”
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[26:37] Andrei Martyanov: “... it will destabilize Russia and somehow because Putin is about to die, he falls from the ladder steps, he hits his head, he cannot speak, somebody else is running Russian government, things of this stupid nature. They think they can bring Russia into a quagmire. This is the only strategy they have. Because if they go full in, people know how it is going to end up. The United States can lose its Atlantic fleet, for example, if it goes down to this. So, nobody wants that. Neither Russians nor Americans: I mean military professionals. But the political class bears no responsibility for what they do. They are completely corrupt. And they will re-elect this genocidal maniac Lindsey Graham. The people of South Carolina re-elect this jerk who is a war-criminal and certified, full-blown terrorist supporter. ... These people are not fixable. But you can talk on the level of the Intel and Military professionals. And I’m pretty sure that something of this nature is going on there.”

28:04 Larry Johnson: “I don’t know if it was Petraeus or one of the other knucklehead generals that are appearing on television, but they were calling for using B-52s to bomb Russian defensive lines as a credible strategy. I could understand my seven-year-old grandson recommending something like that because he has no experience, no knowledge, and he could say something completely silly. That’s what children do. These men are not children. Supposedly experienced military professionals. They think they’re fighting against the North Vietnamese before the North Vietnamese got Russian air defense systems. We’re trying to deal logically with a bunch of crazy people. And I don’t think we can.”

36:51 Larry Johnson: “Getting used to enemies that can’t punch back ..."

Ania: “How much longer will the Ukrainian people put up with this compulsory conscription?”

43:00 Larry Johnson: [Multiplicity analogy. Degradation of copies of copies.] ... 2nd iteration ended with Bakhmut. Third iteration now attempting new offensive. Third army on the verge of being wiped out. How can they construct a fourth?

46: 46 “Ukraine is a dead country walking ...”

52:00 Andrei Martyanov: Russia not interested in Europe. Only US and Russia matter. Russia waits for regime change in Europe. ..."

57:00 Larry Johnson: “Erdogan is Jack on the Titanic without Leonardo DiCaprio’s good looks."

Ana: “Is Putin Kate Winslet?”

Andrei Martyanov: “Putin is the Iceberg”

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Larry Johnson: Argentina - Inflation destroys the middle class. ...”