"Absolutely! I Would Say Probability Is Approaching 146%"
by Andrei Martyanov
Reminiscence of the Future (April 9, 2022)

I thought they were smarter there, but, evidently, not.

Sad, really. I wonder if this PR "admiral" Kirby believes himself in this BS he spews? I mean Kirby is literally PR admiral, he spent all his life obtaining "soft" degrees in BS and then "served" as PAO (Public Affairs Officer). So, I totally can envision him being utterly incompetent in real war.

In related news, more and more of these specimens will appear (courtesy of FSB and SK) who demonstrate WHO the combined West supports. Ukraine uber alles, Nazi crosses and tattoos of this nature are just some of the features of Nazis from 404, who, if to believe people like Kirby and CNN, are non-existent.

[Video of UAF POW with tattoos] https://youtu.be/ffGRQyWsigQ

That brings us back to this "Russia is not answering the phone" issue, because Russia doesn't negotiate with Nazi enablers. Good friend of mine sent me this link to American Thinker re: Bucha "massacre".

Well, it is good that many begin to question propaganda which combined West's media spread, but this is too late now in a sense that Russia knows everything and more conclusively what she needs to know about combined West politically. There is nothing to discuss with present leadership. There is, however, one continuous misunderstanding on part of American neocon cabal and European lapdogs about the nature of the operation in 404--not surprising considering utter military incompetence top-bottom--and that is this issue of "Afghanistan 2.0" fro Russia. This is all a result of military incompetence by CIA and State Department creatures (aided by such military "professionals" as Keane or Kirby) who cannot recognize both military outcomes in Afghanistan 1.0 (no, USSR didn't collapse because of that war and it didn't spend itself out there) and how serious wars are fought.

As I already am on record--at this stage the combined West finances Russia's operation in 404 and those in the Western elites who, unlike BoJo, still have their brains not completely liquefied, they understand that Russia is not bound by materiel expense in this operation and IS NOT going to run out of resources. I know, that hurts, but numbers are not there for the West. Moreover, judging by the fact that Russian Coast Guard prevented today yet another attempt on "saving" some interesting people, this time Coast Guard ship opened fire at Ukie vessel trying to get to Mariupol, there are some very interesting cadres blocked at the Azov Steel. As one of the Nazis taken POW by Russians confirms today, there are around 300 foreign military (and mercenaries) and around 2,000 Nazis and VSU remaining at Azov Steel. Russians would love to get hands on many of them, and will proceed with a proper caution in order to take a look and talk to these foreign (primarily NATO countries) assets there.

[Video of Mariupol AZOVSTAL factory area battle ground] https://youtu.be/g0_w-7H5fDc

Here is how Azov Steel (Azovstal') looks like today and I am sure we are in for many revelations of purely military and war crimes nature, once this plant-fortress is mopped up. But yes, I am sure "admiral" Kirby would like to learn that VSU is about to defeat Russia and is at the approaches to Moscow. In related news, I saw a unicorn today.

P.S. Compare Pentagon's and Russian MoD spokespersons' General Konashenkov's backgrounds.

I am sure Kirby would ace those courses no problem, in 12 to 15 weeks, easy (/s).

Comments: Peter Yang-Yeovil

The top brass of the US military are as much a part of the diseased organism - a cancer, really - as the political leadership. They're the ones who not only always play along with things like the Kramatorsk attack, but are literally partners, hand in hand, with the kind of people who load up a missile with an anti-personnel warhead and fire it at a crowded train station for maximum casualties. And when they're not working with Ukrainian Nazis, they're working with salafist headchoppers in Syria, fascists in Latin America. It's no accident that officers like Macgregor don't ever rise above the rank of colonel