"A Coalition Of The Willing To Lure NATO Into A Conflict With Russia"
by Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter Podcast (July 23, 2023)

. . . [a conversation with Ania] . . .

54:59 [What use American “trip wire” forces in Poland?]

Scott Ritter: “Upon invasion of Ukraine, America would lose all of its fuel, all of its ammo, all of its maintenance. Boom. Gone. As these forces go in, things break down. They can’t maintain them. If they engage the Russians they run out of ammunition. They have to stop moving because they run out of fuel. This is just the reality of war. Normally if you’re going to have this kind of operation, these forces would have a corps-size logistical support which would have combat spread, that requires a lot of trucks, by the way, the more you break things up into dispersal areas, the more transportation you need to bring them in. We don’t have those trucks. We haven’t done this. People just need to be smarter, look at reality, and say it ain’t going to happen because it can’t happen. It’s a force of deterrence. It’s a trip-wire force designed to convince the Poles that the Russian investment into overcoming this is too great, that Russia won’t do it. That’s it. The Americans aren’t there to go to war against Russia. They’re not there to invade Ukraine [already did that!] They’re there to help the Polish people sleep better at night, to say Russia won’t invade Poland. But even if the Americans weren’t there, Russia is not going to invade Poland. They’ve no desire to invade Poland. It’s ridiculous.”

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56:40 “It’s General Cavoli himself, the commander of US forces in Europe and Supreme Allied Commander who said the scope and scale of the violence taking place in Ukraine between the Ukrainians and the Russians is beyond the imagination of NATO. And if it’s beyond your imagination, you couldn’t have prepared for it because you prepare for that which you imagine. You imagine that war is going to be this. But the reality is war is that. And if you haven’t prepared for that, you can’t do that. And NATO hasn’t prepared for that. The United States hasn’t prepared for that. They’ve prepared for this. And this is no longer relevant.

57:16 “So, until that changes -- and Cavoli said it would take years for that to change -- it’s not going to change overnight. But we don’t need to worry about American offensive action in Ukraine, NATO offensive action in Ukraine. NATO has no offensive capability. Militarily. Politically they can offend everybody.”

[Summary: US/NATO was not prepared because they did not imagine what war against Russia would actually entail