Worshipping the Whip

“Abhorent adoration,” that's the term:
An oxymoron crafted to describe
“Resistance” with the backbone of a worm

Or, “Democrats,” the other right-wing tribe,
Those now attacking Fascists from the right
Who call them “Leftists” anyway, a jibe

Full of contempt for those who will not fight
For anything but table scraps and trash
Who kneel for every lobbyist in sight

Who shun the take-off but embrace the crash
Providing cover for the donor class
Who for a quid-pro-quo supply the stash

The Slogan of The Owners, crude and crass:
"You buy the Elephant and rent the Ass."

A contradiction joining hate and love
Like Stockholm Syndrome, victims of abuse
Become enablers of the one above

Whom they profess to find lewd and obtuse
While, in reality, they bow and scrape
Excusing conduct lecherous and loose

“Forgiving” rich men like the Orange Ape
In hopes that he might “trickle down” to them
Some funding for their Culture War escape

So they can blame the poor, a strategem
Republicans have long perfected which
Permits the trust-fund wealthy to condemn

As “unsuccessful” those below their niche
Who live in tents beside the drainage ditch

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018