Michael Tracey @mtracey:

“Amazing! Russia supposedly “hacked” the entire US federal government but never got around to “hacking” a few electoral jurisdictions in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Georgia such that their Puppet President could receive another four years to carry out a pro-Kremlin geopolitical agenda.”

Vladimir Putin’s DNA Detected

The Russians did whatever some imagine
they did because, you know, they’re Russians, so
that tells you what explains your accusations
as down the rabbit hole you glibly go.

No need for evidence or proof presented.
It is because it will be ’cause it was.
Just utter word-like noises and transcribe them
in spell-marks like the good factotum does.

Then have your friends repeat what you have written
till repetition makes the false seem “true”
by which you mean “unquestioned” (not the same thing).
Your reputation now looks black and blue.

Allege “the Russians did it!” loud and often.
No need to tell us what you mean by “it.”
Believe whatever Deep State minions tell you.
Say “classified” a lot (which smells like shit).

Red-baiting worked out well for Richard Nixon
and Joe McCarthy, two among the dregs,
who've taught the Democrats, their loyal students,
to think they can teach grandma to suck eggs.

Republicans invented “Russia-gating”
before the “Water-” prefix made its mark
So asking them for yet another lesson
would seem like playing dinner for the shark.

But Democrats and CNN think Faux Noise
provides the best example of the art.
So Rupert Murdoch wins while imitators
produce pure wind not worth a squirrel fart.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020