The Silence of the Lamb Chops

Let us bow our heads in silence
Let us close our shuttered eyes
Let us ask no pointed questions
Let us rather swallow lies

Let our government mislead us
Let them wallow in the waste
Let us eat the crap they feed us
Let us grow to like its taste

Let them praise their stalwart courage
Let us meekly toe the line
Let the rich cut all their taxes
Let the poor ones pay the fine

Let us do no thing unbidden
Let us ask permission first
Let them keep the water hidden
Let us rather die of thirst

Let them keep our business secret
Let us not know what they do
Let them keep us safe from knowing
Let us smile while us they screw

Let the dead come home to quiet
Let them spare us from the sight
Let us never start a riot
Let them send some more to fight

Let us never raise our voices
Let them whisper in our ear
Let them order us to slaughter
Let us live in abject fear

Let authority compel us
Let them prod the panicked herd
Let them with cheap jargon quell us
Let us scatter at their word

Let them mumble mealy mouthfuls
Let them bumble, lean, and tilt
Let them tumble, trip, and falter
Let them crumple all we’ve built

Let them loan us Chinese money
Let them keep us all in pawn
Let them dine on milk and honey
Let us let them lead us on

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2008