Take-it-or-Take-it "Choices"
(All Sizes Fit One)

Nothing off the table
Something on the floor
Metaphor and fable
Adding up to war

Bomber John and Lindsey
Graham and McCain
War for them is whimsy
Others get the pain

So at least in theory
Goes the latest “plan”
Two, at least, are leery:
Russia and Iran

China, too, ain’t buying
What we’ve got to sell:
More bad debt and crying
On the road to Hell

Waffle Waitress Nikki
Threatens the UN:
“We will have our quickie!
Any where or when!”

Deadbeat country failing
Fighting just to lose
“Sick” or “ill” or “ailing”:
“Options” we can “choose”

“Alternate” provisions
“On the table” sit:
All scream, “More divisions!”
Same old sorry shit.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018