Tail Lights in the Tunnel

“Hickory, Dickory,” nonsense and trickery.
Poetry? Possibly. Possibly not.

Down in the dungeon he languishes. Julian.
Guiltless but still left to suffer and rot.

First comes the sentence and later the verdict, which
stamps upon “justice” a permanent blot.

Censoring “news” of their crimes and incompetence:
corporate government’s media plot.

Big Brother conjures up “Acts” which collectively
add up to tyranny, ugly and squat.

Stacking up “charges” to gain a conviction, the
lawyers will argue that “winning” is aught.

Alice’s Looking-Glass now Oceania:
“No Law for Proles” is what English has got.

Thus in the Empire of Darkness two lights growing
dimmer, each now just a little red dot.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2021