Stud Hamster Two-Step

From Fig Leaf Contingent to Buy Time Brigade
The foot-dragging stall looks the same
Just run out the clock till the new team arrives
Then curse them for losing the game

From Kissinger-Nixon to Cheney and Bush
The wooden-head perps haven't changed
They shill the old slogans and sink the old ship
Sounding ever more shrill and deranged

They say that withdrawal will threaten our troops
That from peace only more war will flow
They promise much worse before better days come
Because worse is the one thing they know

From "mission accomplished" they've marched to the rear
And will now start the mission real soon
In a few parts of Baghdad they've built some new walls
On advice from the man in the moon

The general's got so much time on his hands
That he spends it with eyes on the clock
Not content with the job he can't do in Iraq
He vacations on Washington's block

The lower ranks cringe at the thought that above
Only yes-men and fools rule the land
While the chief politician in charge of their fate
Tries to hire him a czar to command

The oxygen thieves and bad wastes of good skin
Couldn't care less for troops in distress
Their only concern now involves stepping out
To the tune of their own planned egress

The "Stud Hamster Two Step" in Texas they learned
In the gutter of politics there
They teamed up with rat-fucking Turd Blossom Rove
To dispense hot and rank-smelling air

Still Dick and his Deputy Dubya the Dumb
Never stopped once to think of the cost
That the victims would bear in a cruel war of choice
That our bumpkins first started, then lost

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2007