Statutory Religion

Zeus and Yahweh had a fling.
They liked that earthly female thing:
A little Greek, a little Jew,
They did it like the rabbits do.

In those days, no man's law applied;
If gods desired it, mankind cried.
If old enough to stab, they bled;
If old enough to bleed, they bred.

So here we swirl around in pain,
With more blood pouring down the drain.
Upon the wheel mankind revolves,
While life in violence dissolves.

The Big Spook way up in the sky
Keeps screwing over you and I;
Our sisters and our daughters, too;
And wives in Utah (quite a few).

The Big Spook's got an appetite;
It likes 'em small; It likes 'em tight;
It likes 'em big; It likes 'em wide;
It hasn't got an ounce of pride.

No crime the Great Big Spook reproves.
The Spook will screw it if it moves.
If it can crawl or walk or run,
The Spook will screw it just for fun.

The Spook's now got an inside track
For buggering those in Iraq,
For It has heard the nightly pleas
Of one dumb Texan on his knees.

Who wants so much to lead the troops,
But only in his panties poops.
The Spook, though, lets George have his way,
And gives him bullshit words to say.

"Bad" weddings George has bombed to mush;
"Safe" houses, too, his bombers crush,
To spread his own “democracy”:
In his case, schizoid lunacy.

The hearts and minds he's failed to win
Of those who’ve paid so he could sin;
But still the Big Spook's curse he stays,
As on the world the Big Dick sprays.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2006