Special Snowflake Political "Trauma"

Special Snowflake Trauma Syndrome
Hothouse Orchid Storm and Stress
See them wail and weep in public
“Sharing” what they would confess

Precious Peacock, Pampered Princess
Donald Trump and AOC
Hides on golf course, hides in bathroom,
Safe from cosplay-coup melee

One more time: Pearl-clutching Harbor!
Nine-Eleven! Vladimir!
Cable-TV ratings plummet
Hurry! Quickly! Flog some Fear!

Desecrate The Temple, did they?
Proles trespassed in their own house?
Took some selfies with policemen.
Less like Lion, more like Mouse.

Post Traumatic Snowflake Drama
Narcissistic Therapy
“Sexual Assault” Survivor
Question that and you’ll soon see . . .

Who did what? When did they do it?
How? and where? Some details, please.
Absent these we must assume she
Means to titillate and tease.

Exploitation of Emotion
Misleads and manipulates.
True debate relies on Reason,
Not who “loves” and not who “hates”

Milton said that Truth would triumph
If allowed an open field
Then with Falsehood let Truth grapple
Lies, alone, require a shield

See them rend their hair-shirt garments.
Hear them loudly suffer so.
Feels so bad they must relive it:
Masochism “heals,” you know

Therapeutic Trauma Jargon
All “survivors” equal, but —
Some more equal than the others:
Advantageous Suffer-Smut

Feel our pain! If not, you caused it!
Victim’s “lived experience”
Now constrains what one may utter.
Freedom lost to vain pretense

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2021