Sardonic Slogans

"Winning Hearts And Minds"
Translation: "Grab 'em by the balls,
their hearts and minds will follow."
A boot to their behinds
and so, again, our big plan stalls
and crow we get to swallow.
How quickly darkness blinds
when our own slogan us enthralls
which others see is hollow.

"Better Dead Than Red"
Translation: "Kill a gook for God"
or "Let Slavs kill each other."
Some bullets in the head
and shrapnel wounds seem hardly odd
when our pet proxi “brother”
lies sleeping with the dead.
Interred with him beneath the sod,
vile truths we wish to smother.

"The Yanks Are Coming"
What Europe thought that NATO meant
if baiting bears went badly;
not pipeline plumbing
that we destroyed to circumvent
what Russia offered gladly:
cheap gas. How numbing.
The West stews in its discontent
while bears look East, not sadly.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023