Reactionary R and R

Deputy Dubya went back to the ranch
He needed another vacation
He found it hard work spreading lies and deceit,
Starting wars, and bankrupting the nation

Sheriff Dick Cheney approved the request
Having few words for Dubya to mime
What with checks from his old firm arriving on cue
Just to count them took most of his time

"Let us think of the things you have done, little man!"
The Sheriff intoned solemnly;
"And the steely-eyed judgment you've shown in your job
Since I picked myself for your V.P.”

“You’ve announced to the world that you’ve thrown in the towel;
That in three years or more you’ll look back
To observe what some others with courage and sense
Did to clean up our mess in Iraq.”

“It doesn’t seem now like there’s much you can do
Not that there ever was, anyway;
So take some time off from your sleepwalking life
And enjoy what your dreams have to say.”

“I can take care of things,” Sheriff Cheney explained,
“Since I’ve already done the hard part.
Take another siesta – I mean, get some ‘rest’
And learn English: at least make a start.”

So it happened that Dubya returned to his roots
Making sure not to smirk or to twitch;
Taking care not to notice the dead soldier’s mom
Keeping vigil outside in the ditch

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2006