Pigment's Hour Proclaimed
(with thanks to Don Webb of Bewildering Stories for his “sprung rhythm” example)

Joe, descendant of Barack, descendant of William, unwisely inherits
from Ronald and George-I and George-II and Trump
a status quo prized for its capitalist demerits
like gross inequality and economic slump.

Still, maybe Joe loses because voters abandon
him, leaving the Democrats’ with their scapegoating tropes:
like blaming Ralph Nader and Susan Sarandon
and Russians for Donald the Dumb. Here’s to hopes!

But Joe has a friend in the virulent pandemic
which Donald’s incompetence has certainly made worse.
Trump’s boat sprang a leak (like this “sprung verse” polemic)
And now he might drown in his own ocean’s curse.

Which leaves us to wonder who then will take power
when questions to Joe return just a blank stare.
Someone both female and black: Pigment’s Hour.
Entitlement’s pony as promised. So there!

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020