Ordnance Expenditure Expeditions

Ordnance Expenditure Expeditions,
Use up and then order more munitions.
Make sure to run down the inventory.
Start wars for profits: the same old story.

"Give us the money or we'll huff and puff.
Buy from us all of these weapons and stuff.
No-bid, cost-plus guarantees we demand.
And if we don't get them, no jobs for this land."

How? First a false flag: a made-up "good reason"
Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall: any season.
"Gas" attacks "on his own people" will do it.
"Brutal dictator must go." Then see to it.

Second: "advisers" deploy for a tour,
Helping make countries with little more poor,
Calling in airstrikes to wipe out the towns
Whenever local folks fight back with frowns.

Third: the "straight-legs" force us all to include them.
Regular Army. No way to exclude them.
They've got their generals, too; they demand it:
Their chance to play the Big Cheese (meaning, bandit).

Fourth: then the Air Force and Navy want in,
Bringing Marines as their "infantry" kin.
Some to pin medals and stars on their shirts.
Some to catch bullets and shrapnel, which hurts.

Generals, admirals, colonels, commanders:
Aimless amphibians, swamp salamanders,
Punching their tickets while lost in a land which
Doesn't need them fucking up a soup sandwich.

Still, screwing pooches can make a career.
Just learn to lie with a lisp and a leer.
No one will know, if your jargon's opaque,
How to distinguish the real from the fake.

Just babble bullshit and throw in some numbers,
Then keep it up until everyone slumbers.
You'll have succeeded when their eyes start crossing.
Soon they won't know a toothbrush from a flossing.

Fifth: let the dogs-of-war piss on the fire:
"Contractors" who'll kill their mothers for hire,
Shooting at anything moving on roads.
Selling some "Safety" to rich loathsome toads.

Last: the camp-following big corporations
Feeding the troops on their overpriced rations.
Petrol at four-hundred bucks to a gallon.
Taxpayers sliced with a razor-sharp talon.

No thought to budgets that balance the books.
Just like Dick Nixon, these people are crooks:
Buying Republicans who'll chant "God bless!"
Renting the Democrats who'll lose for less.

Dining at Davos in Switzerland's mountains,
Oligarchs drink to wealth spurting in fountains.
Then with The Donald they swap salutations,
Making our country a plague among nations.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018