Moron Whack-a-Mule

He wanted so to whack some foe
Just whom it didn’t matter
As long as he could do it free
Then “them” he’d bash and batter

His dad on earth showed little worth
Unlike his “higher” father
Who lived “up there” in empty air
And told him not to bother

With boring fluff like facts and stuff
When big sticks wanted swinging
It seemed way cool to strike and drool,
His martial mantras singing

His country, too, its own horn blew:
Revenge they’d have for little
As long as they had not to pay
Their lips would froth with spittle

They stomped and cheered; they loudly sneered;
They lined up and saluted
No thought arose in verse or prose;
No single lie refuted

It felt so fine to blast a shrine
And “let the lesson” sink in
Our goons then lit a ton of shit
On fire and breathed the stink in

Then started soon the choke and swoon;
As coffins started filling
The shock and awe broke tooth and claw
But left the oil wells drilling

The years pressed on like evil spawn:
The people took to sleeping,
While fetid lies like swarms of flies
Grew fat on wails and weeping

The hole got deep through mission creep
Then deeper with more lying
On down the road the kicked-can load
Grew larger with the dying

The pundits polled, the bankers rolled
The dice on easy credit
With foreign loans to fund the moans
The truth proved cheap to edit

This Whack-A-Mule-or-Moron-Fool
Has mules and morons guessing:
Who does the time for all this crime
While never once confessing?

The U. S. A. went down to stay
The dumb kept getting dumber
The more they chose to take the hose
The more they paid the plumber

But now they vote once more by rote
For candidates selected
By those who paid to get them laid
Corruption long perfected

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2008