Masticating the Multitudes

Asleep on watch, pants down around their ankles,
George “Dubya” Bush and Dick “the Driver” Cheney
Invoked a scam that through the decades rankles:

a murderous and venal miscellany:
while buildings fall, rob citizens confused
and fearful – ranging from the dull to brainy –

who’ve yet to figure out how they’ve been used
by “government” and sycophantic scribblers
who never knew a chance for crime refused

by oligarchs and those they hire as quibblers,
who argue “cases” till there is no Law,
thus earning notoriety as nibblers

who ceaselessly the world and nation gnaw.
No morsel sticks in their voracious craw.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2021