Marching Backwards Through Georgia

Republicans have done it once again
And proved that boys do not belong with men,
Since playing G.I. Joe with little toys
Leaves idiots undone by their own ploys

The pundit takes time off from sucking toes
And thinks he's had a thought about what goes
To them who come back in the very door
Wherefrom they just came out an hour before

It takes a grasp of history quite slim
To think invading Russia on a whim
Makes Hitler and Napoleon look smart
Or Cheney's threats a diplomatic art

Yet still Republicans try chewing gum
While walking, which for them means looking glum
As choking, gagging, gasping, they implore
Someone to tell them time and date and score

For as the game has ended with such loss
They only now await the final toss
As voters whom they’ve lied to and betrayed
Now plan, with sharpened knives, to have them spayed

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2008