Lies, Damned Eyes, and Statistics

I cannot speak your name for I despise
Those noises that a caring mind decries

You’ve told as many contradicted lies
As any tiny man of greater size

Your Congressmen begrudge the French their fries
And think a cheap word truth and honor buys

They dine like fatted porkers in their sties
With “freedom” grease upon their shirts and ties

They stain their fingers purple to reprise
The vote in lands your army occupies

About the world you’d rather fantasize
Than entertain a fact when it replies

You try to talk just like the other guys
And pose with flags and moms and apple pies

Yet through transparent glass the truth descries
The tawdry, tacky trade your crony plies

To nurse your pride the Pentagon supplies
Another squad of young and brave GIs

So once again today a soldier dies
The blood that soaks his clothes congeals and dries

Above his fallen form his spirit flies
At home his mother sits alone and cries

Amid the rubble piles of bodies rise
Yet still your moving mouth the truth denies

So this I say to you, sir: Damn Your Eyes!

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2006