Lard of the Fries

War Time Imaginary
Powers extraordinary
Teenage twerps think they’re scary
Small scrotums less-than-hairy
Each a ferocious fairy
Donald J. Trump

Obama and Clinton gave us
Orange Clown who would enslave us
With rusty knives they’d shave us
Before they microwave us
Now what on earth can save us?
Last chance to jump?

Trump needs a daily stroking
Circle-jerk chicken-choking
Democrats, he keeps poking
Hatreds he’s fond of stoking
What the hell is he smoking?
Nothing makes sense.

Campaigns as Yankee Doodle
Promises endless boodle
Governs as something feudal
Democrats play the poodle
No doubt gone off his noodle
Then there’s Mike Pence

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2019