It Takes a Pillage

Another trip by You-Know-Her,
Like Dubya's Karen Hughes,
Abroad to sell Israeli sand
In desert interviews
To monarchs of "democracy"
Who find her rants old news.

She thought that voting for a "war"
That Dick and Dubya sold her
Would make her look all-tough-and-stuff
But only served to mold her
Into a shrieking, shallow shill
For Zionists who told her

What she would say: when, where, and why,
No matter the occasion.
Her bullshit bile: "Let Muslims die!"
Or, "Let's have an invasion!"
While ducking every question with
A doublespeak evasion

Has left no further room for doubt
That travesty and terror
Have triumphed in the U.S.A.,
Where crass conceit and error
Combine to export gifts from Greeks,
With You-Know-Her the bearer.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2010