Hormonally Pigmented Puppets on Parade
(in the accentual-alliterative Anglo Saxon style)

Uttering unctuously undulating ugliness
A warmongering woman’s wanton whim
Suckles sick snakes seeking something for seizure.
Manifestly, miserably mumbling her mantras,
Conventionally dressing for "victory." Dreadful
Expression expressly appropriating platitudes:
“Noise” from a face-hole numbingly fatuous.

Onset of Alzheimer’s ought to scare all of the
Citizens sitting at home (if they have one)
As Dithering Dude chooses Melanin Mamma,
Hormones and pigments heralding hopelessness:
Pipsqueaks Pretending. Puppet “alternatives.”

Meanwhile the other two men mangle management.
Orange and albino (the one thumping Bibles)
Propose printing paper, apocalypse pending.
The plague settles everything -- properly. Error
Invalidates polling: Variable poisoning.

Browbeaten brutally, bullied electorates
Validate viciousness, verbiage and vanity.
Ballots? Needless. Bullets next?

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020