Hardly Heroic Corporate Couplets

Buy some Republicans, they'll shout "GAWD bless!"
Then rent some Democrats, they'll lose for less.

Every two years, either one or the other,
Then set them squabbling like sister and brother.

Put on a puppet show, charge for admission.
Make fortunes building bombs, fusion and fission.

Hedge funds and Goldman Sachs, cut their taxation.
Banks have a name for it: Debt Relaxation.

“Right to work” laws in force, much unemployment.
No right to unionize, low-wage "enjoyment."

Poverty Draft in place, "jobs" for the willing.
"Wars" for the rich while the poor do the killing.

Bottom line, quarterly, stock-prices soaring,
Until they drop one day. Hear the bears roaring.

Then print those paper bills, trillions and counting.
Pay no attention to deficits mounting.

Gamble and always win: Ponzi-scheme bubbles.
Donors get profits and voters get troubles.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018