Gullible's Travails

Bawl and Pillory,
Partners in Pity:
Penis and titty

Each worth a half-a-loaf;
Crocodiles crying
Tears for poor Israel,
Our soldiers dying

Our taxes fund The Wall
Stealing the water
Our foreign legion fights:
Sheep to the slaughter

What of this don't you get?
What part of "bumpkin"?
Yahoos scare Houyhnhmnms stiff
Heads like a pumpkin

Wide-staring glassy eyes
Bullwinkle grinning
Pointing at "something there"
Sycophants spinning

Brobdingnag ain't the place
We should be going
Lilliput neither,
With her knickers showing

Poppy’s adopted son
Nouveau corruption
Monica’s pizza man
Bimbo eruption

Reckless abandonment
Liberals cheated
Kiss up and cave-in to
Those we defeated

Piss on her palace, though,
That ought to do it
Turn out the night-light, kids,
Then just say "screw it."

Only two families;
Name recognition:
Monarchy! Monarchy!
Spark the ignition

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2007