Regarding the US/UK/NATO/EU war on Russia (not going so well for the “West” in its opening “Ukrainian” phase) I seem to recall Scott Ritter in one of his many video interviews using the term “gone gopher” to describe the Ukrainian military strategy in the Donbas region of (formerly) Eastern Ukraine. Thinking this over last night as I often do when sleep won’t happen, the following arrangement of syllables occurred to me:

Genius Gopher "War" planning

The Nazi American Terrorist Op –
or, NATO: an acronym standing for “flop” –
has started a war and refuses to stop
till few can distinguish the crook from the cop.
So dig some more trenches and live in the slop
till orders arrive to go “Over the top!”
Then charge across steppes in the open, “Chop Chop!”
as men all around you catch bullets and drop.
From dragon’s teeth sown, Death will harvest His crop.

Your NATO instructor (his “doctrine” hidebound)
has taught you a thing guaranteed to astound:
Wage war from a bunker: a burial mound,
then wait for some “help” from the “West” to come round.
But quickly you witness your aircraft all downed;
and what you imagined your “navy” is drowned;
then you a red vapor, no trace ever found.
Eternity now. Absent all light and sound.
“Gone Gopher” like George Custer’s “take the low ground!”

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2022