Gargoyles and Grotesques

Gulping gurgling gargling gargoyle ghoul
Gothic gutter gushing ghastly grime
Dreadful drainpipe dripping dismal drool
Mythic manic monster mouthing mime

Supra-sight-line sentry, seldom seen
Solemn siren’s scathing silent screed
Mumbling mantras, morbid maudlin mien
Noxious nightmare; naked knowing need

Crouching, cracked and crumbling, cold and cruel
Snide and surly cynic sneering snot
Grimly gagging greenish gullet gruel
Nasty gnawing notion, near but not

Rueful ruined relic, rough and rude
Gruesome grinning goblin gazing grim
Lustful leering laughing lecher lewd
Heartless harping harlot’s heathen hymn

Squatting; squinting; squirting; stony; still
Wrecked and wretched, wrought in wrath: a wraith
Chiseled chunk of cheerless churlish chill
Faded face of folly, fraud, and faith

Spirit spigot spewing psychic sludge
Darkened doorway demon; dragon dream
Jeering Janus, jesting jaded judge
Scornful scary sculpture, schizoid scream

Sobbing, snarling, smirking, smiling, smug
Venting vacant visions vainly versed
Damned despairing draught, disdainful drug
Creepy cretin creature carved accursed

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2009