"HR McMaster, Trump's former National Security Advisor, said this with a straight face today on national TV regarding withdrawal from Afghanistan: 'I think it's abhorrent what we're doing. And I hope that a Biden administration will reassess... We know what happened on 9/11' -- Michael Tracey [from his Twitter feed].

Exogenous Expropriation of the Execrable

The exfiltrators exfitrated exfiltration
and ex post facto filtered out the facts.
Repeatedly rehearsed regurgitation
recited repetitiously reacts
with fiction, fraud, and fabulous flirtation
producing pious plays in endless acts.
In other words: “intelligence” (dictation)
which Congress – craven, clueless – then redacts
lest, should the slightest truth inform the nation,
it might disrupt their petty power pacts.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020