Driving the Money-Changers INTO the Temple

Jesus, we hear, had no use for the greedy
Changers of money: those wolves selling fraud.
Out of the Temple he drove them, and speedy,
Cursing them as an affront to his God;
Preaching, instead, to take care of the needy:
Doctrine that Christians once found hardly odd.

Now Pence and Trump claim that Jesus loves money
Temples for gambling they claim He has built.
Wall Street, they say, flows with sweet milk and honey:
Taxpayer bail-outs untroubled by guilt.
Robbing the working class, they find quite funny,
Driving the shaft up their butts to the hilt.

Jesus now preaches “success” for the wealthy.
“Losers,” The Lord says, should just get the lash.
Out in the open and no longer stealthy,
Just grab it all and make off with the stash.
“Christians” in “Red” States find billionaires healthy:
Jesus now prays at their Altar of Cash.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2019