Downing Street / D.C. Dissimulation

Downing Street Days have returned with a flourish:
Policy dictates -- or fixes -- the “facts.”
“Intel” (so-called) needs raw data to nourish

narratives touting despicable acts
planned to perfection by someone named Putin:
hearsay and rumor with oversight lax.

Mention the last of the Czars and Rasputin.
Show you’ve heard something of Russia, at least.
Not scientific like Einstein or Newton,

still, in the “West” nonsense makes quite a feast.
Christopher Steele sold his “dossier” slander:
“Putin stole Clinton’s election,” the beast.

Anyone willing to give that a gander
easily buys what a spook sells to pander.

Five years of “Russia-gate.” Who would have thought it?
Vladimir Putin, all roads lead to him.
Anything stupid, our “government” bought it,

Democrats dumb and Republicans dim.
Trump just a stooge for the Kremlin, we hear.
Biden (demented) makes war on a whim.

Nuland and Blinken are whom we should fear
Joined with Lloyd Austin of Raytheon fame
power and office are what they hold dear

finding themselves in the wrong sort of game
two bureaucrats and a lobbyist flack
team up with London and Europe. How lame.

Tabloid “intelligence” on the attack.
“War of Perception” beginning to crack.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2022