Cutting, Running, Staying, and Cursing
(in the Gaelic Bardic verse style)

“Cut and Run” from “Stay the Course”
One dead horse turned into glue
Too transparent magic act
Caught by fact and proved untrue

Stuck fast in a lie’s steel grip
Blistered lip and bitten tongue
Mouthing scripted mantras wrong
Siren song still vainly sung

Tied to mast of sinking boat
Once he gloated in his greed
Ears unplugged, his rowing crew
Madly to their doom now speed

Crying Wolfowitz, the boy
Takes great joy in hyping threat
“Fooled ‘em many times before;
So what for do they now fret?”

“Once we made ‘reality’
On TV we played our parts
Why do now the credulous
Throw at us those poison darts?”

How to unsay what was said?
Numbskull head knows not the way
Hired consultants focus-group
Mental soup for him to spray

Try some pepper! Try some salt!
Some gestalt will doubtless work
Get down where the lizard lives
See what gives with yokel jerk

Fly the flag and flog the queers!
Look what cheers the xenophobe
Immigrants and pacifists!
Draw up lists for spies to probe

Give those freedoms up, and now!
Can’t allow grim Terror time
Can’t afford to stop and see
Liberty now just a crime

Who absconded with our rights?
Why no fights protesting theft?
Who made cowardice the norm?
Only formless fear now left

Vote Republican or die!
One more lie can’t hurt much worse
Steadfast leader of buffoons
Changes tunes but stays the curse

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2006