Collaborators in Conspicuously Cruel Cupidity

There's always more money for murder and maiming,
the President, Congress, and Courts all agree.
In War, we're on target without even aiming.
Our government kills whom it can't even see:
those "terrorist" women and children in Gaza,
those hospital patients whom we've told to flee
from land we regard as an Armaments Plaza
conveniently near fields of gas. That's the key.

"Who cares if it's genocide?" Zionists snicker.
"Mowing the lawn," they prefer as their screed.
Let the U.N. and its nobodies dicker.
“No Palestine!” Tel Aviv has decreed.
Fascist regimes calling others illegal,
US and Biblical “I” Place succeed:
making apartheid sound perfectly regal.
Just spell it “Jewish” to mask and mislead.

Thieves have a “right to defend” what they’ve taken.
Those that they’ve robbed have no claim on their land.
“Facts on the ground” means the world has forsaken
Truth for some platitudes pompous and bland.
“Chutzpah” means shamelessness unmitigated:
take what we offer, not what you demand.
Or we’ll take everything. You get castrated.
Options, you haven’t. There’s no other hand.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2023