Chowder Brain and Leightweight or Orange Man Bad

What if Joe got an erection and Kamala came?
What if they lost the "election"? Just who would they blame?
What if Trump started a war like the rest of them did?
What if Obama and Clinton made Donald their kid?

What really matters has nothing to do with your vote,
now that you swallow their lies 'cause you learned them by rote.
Boycott elections or write in your candidate choice.
Force them to read what you've written if you want a voice.

Otherwise shut up and save us the waste of our time
hearing you tell us that two nickels equal a dime.
Doing binary arithmetic doesn't make math,
just that, like Biden, you've wandered too far off the path.

Sure, Trump’s an Orange buffoon like the Black one before
following White ones, and all of them Israel's whore.
Nothing will change, as it hasn't for centuries now.
Money rules everything. Give some, or back to your plow.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020