“Russia hasn’t just hacked our computer systems. It’s hacked our minds.” – CNN's Fareed Zakaria

Boobie Tiresome "terror" Tropes
(from Fernando Po, U.S.A., America's post-literate retreat to Plato's Cave)

The Boobie bureaucratic class
Tried hard to think, then quit.
They found it too exhausting so
They staged a comic skit
Where shadows on a wall stood for
Some truly scary shit.

They named the shadows “Russians” ‘cause
They’d heard the sound before
From friends of theirs at parties who
Find evidence a bore
Unsuited to disguising what
They really have in store.

These “leaders” pantomimed a farce
And mimicked monstrous trolls
And “heroes” who would fight them for
A few votes at the polls
And taxes paid for spell-marks on
Some ancient parchment scrolls.

“Democracy” they named this scam
Where Boobies ruled the roost
In theory. But in practice, frauds
Gave wealth an upward boost,
With subsidies for those who WAR
Upon the world had loosed.

But lest the Boobies focus on
Their predatory “betters”
Who’ve lied like rugs from dawn till dusk
And wrapped them up in fetters
The thieves scream “Russia!” “Over there!”
Like terrified bed-wetters.

Unfortunately for the frauds
Some Boobies now can see it.
The trick has gotten old and stale
When graft can’t guarantee it.
The proffered panic hasn’t sold:
If “Russian,” then “so be it.”

No damage have we heard or seen
From those in far Eurasia
Who do not share America’s
Inculcated aphasia
Where “Ignorance is Strength” deserves
The swiftest euthanasia.

So let us give up now since we
Cannot prevent the “hacking.”
Which, anyway, looks nothing like
Traditional “attacking.”
With no real enemies, that means
Our “soldiers” can start packing.

What need have we for “troops” and such?
Why Sailors and Marines?
Why Airmen and a “Space Force” just
To prove that war demeans?
To guard our brigs and embassies?
To “save” the Philippines?

We’ve only made-up foes to “fight,”
Invented from whole cloth.
So why spend blood and money on
Such bogus mental sloth
Delivered through some paid-for lips:
All insubstantial froth.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2020