Boobie Meretricious Mongoloids
(from Fernando Po, U.S.A., America's post-literate retreat to Plato's Cave)

He flew off to Mongolia
A Boobie Genghis Con
To do the Gobi bait-and-switch
Without the switch turned on
An empty-wagon salesman with
No lawn chairs for the lawn

He set no expectations, so
He thought he couldn't lose
Succeeding then at nothing, he
Tripped over his own ruse
A mumbling 'Murcan mongoloid:
A mystifying muse

So Boobie Genghis George the con
Set out to drill for oil
While posing as a simple sod
Who only tilled the soil
He tapped and drained his country's blood
And brought it to a boil

He sold a phony war of lies
To countrymen who froze
At any trumped-up, lurid tale
A "curveball" could compose
So why not sell some yaks and yurts
To desert Eskimos?

The Boobies had no standards for
Evaluating crap
Their brightest couldn't tell between
A coma and a nap
Which in the case of Boobie George
Combined in one dumb sap

They had a word: "intelligence"
Two senses that we know
It either means some cold hard facts
Or brains to make them glow
In neither case, of course, did one
Example of this show

So Boobie George's counselors
Devised a stratagem
Allowing those in government
To haw about and hem
Directing well earned ridicule
To anyone but them

While off in Baghdad US troops
Rode IEDs that rend
George went to ride his swell new bike
With some new Asian friend
A moveable fiasco that
Just never seems to end

And back at home the poseurs posed
To prove their pompous points
While fragments of those IEDs
Tore through some GI joints
And left America aghast
At "leaders" it anoints

The Boobies had another word
They called "Immediate"
Which meant that in twelve hundred days
No one would set a date
To move one inch out of their trap:
But would procrastinate

The Boobies shifted time around
To always just ahead
Which gave them the illusion that
They need not count their dead
Since they thought history would start
Once Boobie brains were bred

This could not happen "all at once,"
Or even "right away"
Since Boobies had not yet discerned
The nighttime from the day
They lived within a twilight realm
By shadow held at bay

They mostly feared a "consequence"
Of "something" they might do
Which, given what they'd done so far,
Could hardly prove a clue
To any competence which might
From their own acts accrue

And so with George the Genghis Con
In far off Mongol lands
Producing campaign photos for
The whoreds that he commands
A "news" film at 11:00 soon
Will dull public demands

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2005