Always Moving to the Right (or, "Center")

Red-baiting wthout the reds,
Dick Nixon without the dick,
McCarthy went off her meds
And tail-gunner Jane got sick.

The Russians did something, but,
No evidence proves a thing.
The war witch got beat. So what?
She wanted, and got, her fling:

A last chance at breaking glass,
The ceiling and not the floor,
But fell on her ample ass
And got booted out the door.

She lost to a game-show host,
A rookie on his first jaunt,
A real-estate con at most,
With money and wives to flaunt.

More dollars she raised, then blew
On pollsters who told her stuff,
Except what they never knew:
That people had said, "Enough!"

They just wanted peace and jobs
It hurt when she called them slobs
Deploring their dignity.

She campaigned as if by rote,
Neglecting a few key states.
The neophyte, he took note
And trashed her in their debates

The voters held up one hand.
The finger to her they gave,
Then sent (with a TV brand!)
Her dreams to an early grave.

She never did think to look
How far from the Left she'd run.
So seeing, the Right-guy took
One step to the Left -- and won.

She then wrote a book (she said),
Explaining (though in the dark),
"What Happened" the title read
But left out the question mark.

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2018