A Disowned Heir Transparent

You pose some interrogatives
About the waste of life
That our vain cretin leaders spend
Fomenting needless strife
To further their own prospects for
Advancement in this life

In answer to your questions, I
Have only this to add:
That we must send more youth to die
In service to a cad
Because if we do not he will
Get really, really mad

You see, it matters very much
That this vain man should feel
Empowered by position and
Entitlement to steal
Since all his life George never had
One clear thought to reveal

And now his erstwhile heir assumes
That he can do the same:
Just pose and make up flimsy lies
In search of cheesy fame
Ignoring what the people want
And sloughing off the blame

No matter, John McCain exhorts:
He's just himself to hear
This two-bit twerp Napoleon
Has nothing much to fear,
He says, from voters poised to toss
Him out upon his ear

He's conjured up an image stern
That he thinks kings project
While undeceived, the public sees
The drug that they inject
Into their naked scrawny butts
That they strive to protect

The generals can't save them now
Nor can the troops that bleed
For George and John ignored advice,
Refusing to pay heed,
In their lust to "command" a war
Two countries do not need

So, yes, more young and old must die
If just to buy some time
For George and John to double down
And drop another dime
On those who see no miracle
In store to mask the crime

If they knew what to do, they would
Have done it long ago;
But since they didn't, thus they can't,
As most of us well know
Yet still they bluster blizzards of
Their bogus fog and snow

A one-trick dog-and-pony team,
The misfit and his heir
Have made a trademark of deceit
Invoking empty air
To witness their new martyr shirts
Made chiefly out of hair

So, by all means, let war go on
Lest if it should expire,
What would the mercenaries do;
Whom would Dick Cheney hire
To take the blame for George and John,
Two boys who play with fire?

This may not answer all you've asked
About the tragic dead
I only know that more seem doomed
Because all thought has fled
From George and John and Dick and those
With neither heart nor head

But now succession looms and John
Perceives his hour has come
To sit upon a worthless throne
That he sees as a plum
Reserved for him alone but which
Is hardly worth a crumb

Since endless, pointless war accrues
No kudos for the king
Now John McCain will get to reap
The wages of a fling:
A disowned heir transparent to
Not much, if any thing

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2007