Our government mouthpieces tell us these awful, frightening, threatening things about some place called “Russia” because a “community” of “intelligence agencies” (many of them outsourced to private corporate grifters) tell them (although not for attribution) really scary stuff. In other words:

"Intelligence" à la carte

The two-faced puppet show called “government”
has outsourced its “intelligence” to those
who offer up themselves for sale or rent
in open “secrecy.” That makes them foes
of public purpose. Still, the billions spent
explains their slogan: “That’s the way it goes.”
Our spooks “assess,” they say, as if they’ve weighed
the consequences of their War For Wealth,
assuming, as they do, the costs defrayed
by others while they profit from pure stealth.
The poor find force against their class arrayed
while those in power drink each other’s health.
The pompous frauds speak noises like “assess”
when what they really mean is “wild-ass guess.”

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright © 2022