"Ukraine Receiving Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles + the Propaganda Storm around Bakhmut"
Brian Berletic, The New Atlas (May 13, 2023)

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[13:40] Brian Berletic: “Also in the [Scripp’s News] video, they show footage of Ukrainian troops fighting on the ground. They were showing this self-propelled Howitzer operating. And then they showed ground troops benefiting from the cover, the artillery support this is providing. And you can see the Nazi Wolf’s Angle logo as the watermark on the video because this was an Azov Nazi military unit. And I just thought that that was interesting because, as I pointed out, it’s very difficult for the Western media to do any sort of video report on Ukraine and show Ukrainian troops fighting in the field without catching Nazis on camera. There’s a huge problem with Nazis in Ukraine. There has been since 2014 since literal Nazis were included in the government then. And then they were kind of quietly moved out of the government but into the military. And the government, despite not being openly Nazis, they arm and they fund and they equip Nazi military formations officially included in the Ukrainian armed forces. I think that’s a very important point to keep in mind. And when we see things like this it vindicates Russia’s justification for being in Ukraine. They said they’re in there partly to de-Nazify Ukraine. There’s obviously a Nazi problem when Scripp’s News is trying to make the Ukrainian troops to look heroic, and they still manage to – I would assume accidentally – show literal Nazis running around on the battlefield fighting for the regime in Kiev. [29:18]