"Michael Vlahos & Douglas Macgregor What is to be done? Can a corrupted US military be renewed? Pt.3"

[14:00] Douglas Macgregor: [too much dependence on] “Jobs for Generals”

[21:45] Michael Vlahos: “Russian defeats have all served them well because it took the defeat to create the Awakening, to create the necessity. All of America’s defeats after World War II – and I would say since the mid-’60s have – have not required any reckoning, and have all been written off as overhead, and then actually forgotten. So, the big question here is … would such a grand shock to the leadership of the U.S., its Elite courtiers in the military, be enough to break all of the crenelated castle of prejudice that sits like a rock on the Imperial City? … But would such a blow begin to move the rock?”