Russia Is Systematically Destroying NATO Sites in the Ukraine
Larry Johnson
A Son of the New American Evolution (March 20, 2022)

I will admit up front that I had no idea how extensive NATO’s presence in the Ukraine was until this week. I just had not paid attention. But Russia’s blistering attacks on Yavoriv, Delyatyn, Mykolaiv and Zhytomyr have caught my eye. If you are not paying attention you should.

My most recent article, Russia Exploits Ukraine’s Western Flank, should have been titled, Russia Exposes NATO’s Impotence. That piece addressed the attacks on Yavoriv and Delyatyn. My curiosity is fully piqued and I am now searching the internet for U.S. and NATO documents describing their activities at those sights.

Have you heard about Zhytomyr? Did you know that NATO carried out cybersecurity training for Ukraine at Zhytomyr in September 2018 and described Ukraine as a “NATO PARTNER.”

NATO was training Ukraine for “offensive” cyber operations. Russia did not have to task any intelligence operatives to find this out. All they needed was someone capable of doing a Google search. This is not an imaginary Russian fear. This is real. It is detailed at the link in NATO’s own words.

The Ukrainian base at Myolaiv also was hit yesterday (Saturday):

Mykolaiv has a history with NATO and the United States:

Russia has been worrying about this threat for a while. In July of 2018, Radio Free Europe reported that Ukraine was upset because Russia was naming some of its military units after Ukrainian cities:

With the benefit of hindsight it would appear Russia was sending a very clear message about its strategic priorities in Ukraine.

Finally, it appears that NATO and EUCOM are busy scrubbing their websites of all references to bases in Ukraine that hosted NATO and U.S. forces. I found the following using DuckDuckGo, but the link is broken. Do you think that is a coincidence? I do not.

I do not know if there were other bases where NATO and U.S. military forces provided training and/or materiel to Ukrainian forces. If the events of this past week are an indicator of future plans, I would not want to spend any time at those bases. Russia is being very clear–“we are going to demilitarize them.”