"Michael Parenti - Conspiracy and Class Power"

Michael Parenti, Conspiracy and Class Power (1993 Berkeley, California)

[29:53] “What would those who are so ready to derisively exclaim conspiracy theory have us believe? That people with enormous fortunes and/or high political positions do not have greater opportunity than the ordinary citizen to get what they want? That men and women who spend most of their adult lives seeking to obtain or retain money and influence do so only to abstain from employing the advantages these confer? That those with wealth and power are inhibited by some mysterious force from making use of their wealth and power to accomplish their purposes? That the rich and well placed refused to cooperate with each other in the pursuit of common political economic goals? If, in fact, there is one thing that characterizes those at the top it is their readiness to organize among themselves to secure their desires. No other group in society ever comes close in this regard.” And I would add, it’s ironic that the group most organized to concert and control is to be least considered as doing so by the innocence theorists.

[31:09] “As the capitalist state develops it also increasingly develops its class consciousness and it brings forth coteries of policy makers who move in law, business, military, and government circles, sometimes rotating, one from the other. Those who are sometimes referred to as the power elite, the ruling elite, the plutocracy, more broadly I consider them the active agents of the ruling class. Their existence is a matter of public record. It has been documented excellently by such fine scholars as Lawrence Shoop who is here today in the audience – that’s not why I’m mentioning him, I was going to do that anyway before I knew he was here – William Dom Hoff, Holley Sklar, they’ve talked about the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Conference and other coteries of consciously organized power and policy making. These individuals all have a loyalty to a particular class ideology.

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