"U.K. Orders Zelensky To Stop Peace Negotiations with Russia"
The Jimmy Dore Show (May 11, 2022)

1:40 Jimmy Dore: “... now we all know how this war is going to end. It’s going to end however Russia and Putin want it to end. And the way this war is going to end is with an independent, neutral Ukraine. Unless Russia just takes it over. But it’s going to end however Russia wants. And the best we can get is a neutral Ukraine, meaning they’re not going to join NATO. And, the people in the Donbas who didn’t go along with the 2014 coup – instituted by the United States and Ukraine: we overthrew their government and installed a puppet regime in 2014 – so there’s people in eastern Ukraine that didn’t want to go along with that and the Ukraine government started killing them. And they’re Russian speakers. So, that’s how it’s going to end. They’re going to have autonomy for those that eastern Ukraine Russian speakers and Ukraine’s going to be neutral, meaning they’re not going to join NATO. That’s how it’s going to end.”

2:40 Jackson Hinkle: It’s amazing that Ukrainian officials have bought into this western narrative because obviously now Russia has invested so much time, energy and resources into the war that they might still go to the negotiating table. I think it would appease China and India who they want to keep happy but at the end of the day they’re less likely to negotiate with Ukraine now after already launching this war for several months. And Ukraine has lost a significant amount of territory and they’ve established a land bridge from Crimea to Donbass, and they’re starting to circulate rubles there. They’re literally putting up Russian flags at these administrative buildings, replacing the Ukrainian currencies. They’ve lost it and they didn’t have to. So it’s the same part of this all.”

3:35 Jimmy Dore: “But the reason why I think Zelinski and Ukrainian leaders are going along is because they’ve been threatened with death and that the Nazis will kill them if they actually negotiate, and they won’t have any backing if they negotiate from UK – Boris Johnson – or NATO or from Joe Biden. So, Zelenski is a complete puppet and being used and the Ukrainian people are being used as canon fodder by Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and NATO, correct?

3:59 Jackson Hinkle:"Correct. I think Colonel Douglas Macgregor who was Trump's Pentagon senior advisor, he said, you know, there are a lot of people in the Pentagon he keeps in close contact with and they don't really know who is in control of Zelenski right now. Is it the Nazis? Is it these Deep State officials in the US? But it doesn't matter at the end of the day. They all want the same thing so far as continuing this war and dragging it out for as long as possible."

[shows screen shot of graphic]

4:26 Jimmy Dore: "The first thing that Boris Johnson said is that Putin is not to be negotiated with. What? So they don't want to end this war. Who is "They"? The West. Biden. NATO. And the second thing is that even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin, they are not. No negotiations. Keep the war going."

[shows and reads from screen shot of graphic]

5:13 Jimmy Dore: "They want to escalate the war." [reads from screen shot] "Three days after Johnson left for Britain, talks with Ukraine had turned into a dead end." This is from the West. Again, we're the maniac terrorists. Again, we're the warmongers. Again, we're the imperialists. Again, we're the hegemonic maniacs. Again it's the West."

[shows and reads from screen shot of tweet]

[shows and reads from screen shot of tweet]

6:02 Jimmy Dore: "... because they all work for the people who profit off of wars. They're all working for arms manufacturers or oil companies. All of them."

[shows and reads from screen shot of tweet]

6:39 Jimmy Dore: "So, that was leaked by people close to Zelensky. Why would they leak that? Because they see what's happening. They want peace in their country. People in Zelenski's own circle want peace in their country. And they want people to know that it's the West who are making it impossible."

Jackson Hinkle: "It would also be potentially, it may have been leaked because Boris Johnson caught a lot of heat from Ukrainian officials and other Western officials. He's the only Western official who's come out and said that it's highly likely that Russia would win this war. And he got a lot of flak for that. So maybe they were trying to go after him for coming out and saying something as irrational as that. Who knows?"

7:45 Jimmy Dore: "But you don't think that changes the fact that NATO and the West are standing in the way of a peace deal, right?"

Jackson Hinkle: "They obviously are. They're the ones who started this war. But what I'm saying is, I think that he probably definitely did do that. I think that's a given. I mean, the U.S. has come out and said they don't want a peace deal either. But the fact that they specifically chose to leak this about Boris Johnson may have been in an effort to discredit him and light them on light lighting a little bit."

8:18 Jimmy Dore: "Two birds with one stone."