"Russia-Gate Used To Stop Criticism of BIDEN!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 13, 2020)

" ... to a phenomenon that was called neoliberalism and the symptom of that was Donald Trump. And so they concocted the story of Russia is controlling the United States elections. And then they got people, dupes, on the Left who are willing, who are triggered by Trump because Trump is their shadow. The people most triggered by Trump are the people [for whom] Trump is their shadow. What you should be triggered at, is what gave us Trump and what is going to give us another Trump, and that the antidote to Trump is a warmongering, racist screwer of workers and the environment. That's the guy we're supposed to virtue-signal about that this is our antidote to evil: a guy who is 'slightly less evil.' He's not less evil. He's the greater. It's how the Black Agenda Report talks of the insidious . . . well, here we go."

"So, now, I tried to warn people that Russia-gate, if you validate it, I would tell everybody -- at The Young Turks when I was there -- I would say this repeatedly: that if you validate Russiagate as soon as they want to marginalize you they will just throw it at you."

"They did it to Bernie. Anybody who stands up against the war machine. Anyone who stands up against the Democratic Party. Anyone who stands up against MSNBC. You're Russian. So I try to tell everybody, when this all started I said it on this show, I said it at Aggressive Progressives at The Young Turks, I told everybody I knew on the left, 'You don't think ...?"

[shows screen shot]

[2:13 Jimmy Dore: "This guy, Ben Rhodes wrote a memoir of the Obama White House."

Steph Zamorano: "Oh. Beautiful."

Jimmy Dore: "He says" [reads from screenshot of tweet]:

[2:36] Jimmy Dore: "That's from just a few weeks ago. Almost 6,000 re-tweets. Almost 30,000 'likes.' You're not a progressive. You're a Russian. And you know who told me? Ben Rhodes. Mr MSNBC. Mr Obama. Mr PodSave. Not Pod Save America, but Pod Damn America."

[shows screen shot of tweet by Tomi T Ahonen, featuring picture of a red White House with a Hammer and Sickle ("☭") -- symbol of the USSR -- on the front]:

[shows screenshot of tweet by Matt - Ridin with Biden/Harris]:

[3:54] [shows tweet from Leo]

Jimmy Dore: "A made-up claim. Russia. So anything you don't like is now Russia. 'Cause I'm a grown-up.You are letting Neera Tanden and Hillary Clinton contrl your brain. You're letting Rachel Maddow control your brain. You're letting Tom Perez control you're brain. You fucking dupe. So let's see this made up claim."

[shows viral video clip of Joe Biden mangling an attempt to speak English]

[4:49] Jimmy Dore: "You know. That made-up claim. You know what I think happened? Putin hacked into his teleprompter. He doesn't have early onset dementia. That's not what this is. This is Putin. [plays viral video again] That's made up. That didn't happen. That's made up and if if did happen, that was Russia who did it.

[shows another video clip of Joe Biden uttering word-like noises]

[5:48] Jimmy Dore: "That's Joe Biden running for President. Saying he's running for the Senate. And if you don't like him, vote for the other Biden. That's why he shouldn't be President. Because he can't even handle simple sentences."

"Vote for the other Biden. You know who controls the other Biden? Putin! Pu-tin. The other Biden is a fake Russian bot. Don't vote for him."

[shows screen shot of tweet from Leo again]:

Jimmy Dore: "And that emoji [in the lower left hand corner of screenshot] is there because even Leo's not sure of that bullshit he just wrote. He's like" [makes face indicating not sure of something]

[shows screen shot of tweet from Noah Shachtman] "This is from the Daily Beast editor. There is no shittier publication than them."

"Russia's infiltrating. God Damn it. So what happened, exactly. Did these lefty magazines, did Russia send them some dank memes to publish and they said 'No thanks'? Did they send him some memes with Bernie showing off his abs? Or Jesus offering to help you with masturbation. Did they send these? Is that what happened, Noah? It's a complete non-story because if you actually look into the story which he knows most people don't read stories. 80% of the people just read the headline.

[shows screen shot of tweet from Krystal Ball]

[8:30] "He tweeted that because Noah is a propagandist hack. Of the highest order. We've "featured" him here before to show his horrible work. Here's him doing more horrible work.

Stef Zamorano: "He's the editor in chief of The Daily Beast"

Jimmy Dore: "And that is a Clinton rag. And this is their thing. They're pushing Russiagate. And who do they go after? The Left. And he knows that 80% of people only read the headlines, and so, there's his headline: 'Russia is infiltrating the Left'. The Left news outlets. Anybody who's Left of him, you've got to watch out. They're Russian. But if you actually look into the goddamn thing [reads from Krystal Ball tweet above] 'None of the outlets whoed any interest in content from the Russians or their shady business offers.' So nothing happened. Nothing. That could have been the headline he tweeted out: 'Russians fail to infiltrate Western media"

[10:09] Jimmy Dore: "... and should have been. But these are the kind of people, Noah shachtman, who will tell you that Alex Jones is a sensationalist. We've got to crack down on misinformation although he's a conspiracy theorist [himself] of the highest order. 'If I don't like you, you're a Russian.' That's who he is. And he does misleading headlines on purpose."Replying to @NoahShachtman @jacobinmag and 2 others: [shows screen shot of tweet]

[10:53] Jimmy Dore: "So then he makes this next tweet, after he realized that people are calling him out for his shit:

Jimmy Dore: "You mean the email that they sent them?"

[shows another screen shot of tweets]

[11:49] Jimmy Dore: "If you guys wag your finger about QAnon, that's exactly what Russiagate is. 'Oh, QAnon is this crazy conspiracy shit, but Russia-gate's real because I heard it on NPR.' Remember they called out Glenn Greenwald and said he did bad journalism when he exposed war crimes. So I know it's true. Got NPR. NPR says Julian Assange is not a real journalist so I know it's true because I heard it on NPR. I know conspiracy theories are true because I heard it on NPR. I know QAnon is a bad conspiracy theory because I heard it on NPR. You fucking chumps."

[shows screen shot of tweet]

12:56] Jimmy Dore: "So, there you go. Russiagate comes for the Left. I hope you're all happy. Again, anybody to the left of the daily beast is a Russian. Anybody to the left of MSNBC, and by the way, Nicole Wallace, former chief liar for George Bush's war criminal organization, now has her own show on MSNBC and she had on two lying FBI Russia-gaters today. So you've got a Bush administration lying war criminal and you have two lying FBI guys. That's your 'liberal,' 'lefty' news outlet."