"Jimmy's Message To TRUMP on Tucker Carlson's Show!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (October 14, 2020)

[just watch the video. Transcript as time allows]

Jimmy Dore [shows screen shot of Wall Street Journal article headline]:

Jimmmy Dore: "The visual history should just be somebody shrugging and going: 'Why the fuck are we there?' And, by the way, this picture is back from 2002. That's when the Afghanistan war was just an infant. It was just getting its teeth and learning to walk. Now it's a sophomore in college."

"So this is what I went on to talk about on Tucker Carlson." [Shows screen shot of New York Times article headline]

Tucker Carlson: Tonight there are ominous signs that the military is openly defying our system of civilian control. Today, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff [a.k.a., "Joined Chefs of Stuff" -- editorial comment mine], Mark Milley broke with the White House's plan to lower troop levels to 2500, that's a plan that both the public and common sense demand. Milley said he's going to conduct his own rigorous analysis of the situation. Again, aren't civilians supposed to be in control of the military?

Jimmy Dore has thoughts about this. He's the host of The Jimmy Dore Show and we're happy to have him with us tonight. Jimmy, thanks so much for coming on. I mean, I hope that I'd be principled enough that if a President I despised -- if Elizabeth Warren were president -- that I'd be as offended by this as I am now, because it's an attack on our system: a system that we should probably keep a pretty good hold on. What's your view of it?"

Jimmy Dore: "Well, I think it's great that when a president orders a troop withdrawal, that's up for negotiation with anyone in the military. That just sounds crazy. Maybe Mark Milley is one of these 'Resistance' grifters and he's writing a book that he's planning on selling to those 'Resistance' people. How he stood up against Trump trying to end a war.

[A screenshot appears showing various officials marching behind President Trump (with General Milley in his 'camoflage' 'combat' outfit) somewhere in Washington, D.C. not long ago. The headline reads]:

Jimmy Dore: "Because, that's what it seems like. And here's the weird thing: 'Donald Trump, you have to end some of these wars. You have to pull these troops home now.' He's the commander-in-chief [or, more accurately: brief]. There are no excuses. People are sick and tired of these wars, and he's got to take on The Establishment, Tucker. That's what won him the election in 2016. In the primary, Trump was able to smash the Bush dynasty and the Republican status quo. And now he can't handle a few military war hawks [or, capons] and Mitch McConnell? I say he can. He promised. He got elected because he promised to give everybody healthcare and end those overseas wars and invest that money back home."

"Right now, Pesident Trump, there are millions and millions who don't follow you on Twitter, who are hurting, who need a check right now. So take those troops home, give that money to the people. If Nancy Pelosi offers 1200, you double it. Put your name on that check. People need help right now. Do you know how weak it looks that you are trying to position yourself as a victim of Nancy Pelosi? Take those troops home. Take that money, put it in a stimulus check, give it to the people right now. The time is ticking."

Now, if he would have given us health care -- he missed his moment -- whoever gives the American people health care, they're going to put on Mount Rushmore. He missed that. Now it's time. It's time to take those troops home and invest that money back here. Now. People are hurting. Tell the Senate: the GOP in the Senate and Mitch McConnell to do their job and get a stimulus to the people and he'll put his name on it. Whatever Nancy Pelosi offers, double it. That's what Trump would have done in 2016. He needs to do that now."

Tucker Carlson: " I just find it so hilarious. You're a 'lefty' who I am sure is not voting Trump, who's giving him better advice than almost any Senate Republican, any Congressonal Republican, any Republican in Washington. I think you are absolutely right. Jimmy Dore, thank you for that."

Jimmy Dore: "My pleasure. Any time."

[3:47] Jimmy Dore: [resuming his own show commentary]: "So that's why I go on Tucker Carlson. I know the President watches that show. And he's listening to the wrong people, of course. I think it was important to get that message out there. And he's obviously listening to Larry Kudlow and the Stephen Millers and the morons, you know, the Steve Mnuchins: the people he got elected by running against. He got elected running against these guys he's now listening to. And so, when I got the invitation to come on and talk about this Milley, this general Milley, who's the commander of the Joint Chiefs [or, Joined Chefs] on him wanting to apply the brakes with Trump withdrawing troops. And it was perfect, these two things go together perfectly: ending the wars, giving money to people back home. So That's why I went on. Tucker has the biggest show on the biggest conservative news show in America. So I appreciate the opportunity to talk to half the country."

[5:04] "And it's funny, you know, when people see me on Tucker and they come over to my show and they're like:'Well, I thought I hated all the lefties and progressives, but you're not. You're not a -- you actually tell the truth. I disagree with your policies, but I like that you're truthful. And I think that's what we have to get to. We have to be able to join forces on things that we agree with. Just like Bernie worked with Mike Lee on Yemen. Anybody who's anti-war and wants to stop war, let's work together to stop war. So that was it."