"Green Party HIT PIECE by the New York Times!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (September 26, 2020)

Jimmy Dore: "Do you need to see why the mainstream news media is garbage. This is the New York Times. This is straight-up propaganda. If the Green Party was as powerful as the corporate media makes them out to be, we'd have ranked-choice voting around the country by now. But they're not. The Democrats are so weak, they're afraid of a guy polling at zero percent." [reads from the NY Times headline above]

"If Democrats fought Republicans as hard as Democrats fight the Greens, there'd be no chance, even a remote chance, of replacing Ruth Bader Ginsberg before the election. But Democrats do not fight the Republicans the way they fight the Greens."

Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats are more against the Left than anything else. They're not against Republicans. They're against the Left. Did they have any Green Party people at their convention to try and get some of the Green Party people to vote for them? Did they have any socialists at their convention to get some of the socialist votes? No. Who did they have? They had Republicans."

[2:05] Jimmy Dore: [reads the above] "Without giving a single example. Why does he not have to give a single example. Beause at the New York Times if you just repeat something enough it's automatically true. Like Russia-gate. WMDs. Gaddafi. Syria gas attack. All that stuff."

Jimmy Dore: "And they're a huge lose for democracy. So they're getting rid of choices on the ballot because the Democrats are afraid they're going to lose votes. This is the kind of shit that they would claim Putin does. But this is what the Democrats do."

[3:07] Jimmy Dore: "So do you think that by kicking the Greens off the ballot, all those people who were going to vote for the Greens are now going to show up and vote for the Democrats? So just kick them off the ballot? Their voter outreach is just called bullying them into submission. This is the Democrats doing this. This sounds like "Russia." Why is Russia doing this?"

[4:04] Jimmy Dore: "I'm with you. MSNBC is celbrating this. People with MSNBC contracts are happy that the Democrats are fascists. And they're limiting your choice. That's the kind of stuff authoritarians do. But there are a lot of people who claim they're Left and they're actually authoritarians. Which is why they seek out contracts with MSNBC. Which is a huge corporation [that] invented a news network to fuck the Left. To squelch them. That is what MSNBC is. But you see Democrats celebrating this. This is exactly right. You see YouTube hosts celebrating this. You see it. YouTube hosts celebrating less democracy. How much money do you have to get paid to celebrate less democracy as a YouTube host? I'm going to guess a steak dinner is all it costs, all it takes to buy those m_f_ers."

[5:41] Jimmy Dore: "That's a real democracy."

Jimmy Dore: "If the democrats understood irony, I think the first thing they would do is change their name. "The solution is to offer something to the Green voters." That's what I keep saying. The solution to Biden and Trump being "neck and neck" and all these Hollywood blue-check cunts fucking worried about Joe Biden might lose because I'm this powerful. Why doesn't Joe Biden offer something to the 100 million people who don't vote? It's because people have been beaten down. People are lemmings. They're willing submissives. Which is fun sexually, but it's not fun politically. You have to compartmentalize that off. It's crazy."

[[6:58] "Nobody will tell Joe Biden to go get a vote. . . . But this is the effect of Bill Clinton's telecommunications act of 1996 which took us from 50 giant media companies down to six. And so now everybody has the same ideas in their head walking around the country. That's it. Nobody understands how politics works anymore. Joe Biden is supposed to go get votes to win an election. Hillary Clinton was supposed to go campaign in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to get votes. She was in Arizona and Texas.

"You know what I like is when I find out when there's a person who I find is being duplicitous, being a gaslighter, being damaging to the Left and they pretend to be the Left, and then I do a video about them, and it gets a lot of views, right? And this will happen, more often than you think. When I do a video about somebody, taking them down, exposing them, telling truth about them, what will often happen -- the first time this happened I did this with my brother on the radio in Chicago. I told a joke about my brother who was a bit of a dick to me. So I wrote a joke about him that was accurate and I did it on the radio in Chicago on his favorite radio station. I got a MySpace from a guy who was in the car with him when it was on the air when he heard it. And he said my brother's face turned purple. He said he'd never seen someone's face turn purple before."

[8:51] "So that just happenedd. So we did it, exposed someone recently, fake Lefty, and one of his best friends texted me saying 'Boy, he's going nuts. Whatever you did, you got under his skin because he is livid.' So that's nice. I figured he was."