"Democrats FREAK OUT over Marjorie Taylor Greene on 60 Minutes!"
The Jimmy Dore Show (April 5, 2023)
Democrats FREAK OUT over Marjorie Taylor Greene on 60 Minutes!

[Shows Screenshot of Tweet]:

[0:24] “Jimmy Dore: “And you know why they did that? Because they want to get ratings. That’s why they did that. And that’s why they have her on. Because they want to get ratings. Marjorie Taylor Greene has very little power. She is a Congress person. But as far as Congress people go, she’s a first-time backbencher.”

Kurt Metzger: “Long time listener, first time caller.”

Jimmy Dore: “And so they tweet out these pictures of her. And they make her . . . so they’re . . . And so now the liberals, the Hillary and Joe Biden voters are going crazy that they did this.”

Kurt Metzger: “Because 60 Minutes is their territory and they are normalizing her. . . . Basically, she [Lesley Stahl> smuggled an illegal immigrant into their society by having her on 60 Minutes.

[shows screen shot of tweet]

[1:13] Jimmy Dore: “This guy’s from NPR and he’s their media critic. He says that, ‘Eventually, even 60 Minutes has to go for the ratings and page views, I guess.’”

Kurt Metzger: “Unlike NPR that nobody wants.”

Jimmy Dore: “Eric, they’ve always done that. When has 60 Minutes not gone for the ratings? They’ve always been in the Top Ten shows. I don’t know about lately.

“. . . They’re the ones who pioneered the ambush interview . . .”

“So this guy’s pretending that they never went for ratings before. … This guy is like the Brian Stelter of NPR. . . . Dude, There’s nothing worse than NPR. Nothing.”

[shows screen shot of tweet]

[2:50] Jimmy Dore: “So, you learned that the important part is not what is being said but who says it and on what platform. But not what they’re saying.”

Kurt Metzger: “ True or False doesn’t really matter, which is strange.”

Jimmy Dore: “So, what they’re doing, this is Lesley Stahl’s version of [Jimmy Dore interviewing a] Boogaloo Boy. You’re not allowed to interview someone and platform them and make them seem like a normal person. You are not allowed to do that. And he’s a narrative enforcer. That’s why this guy is an establishment tool narrative enforcer. And that’s what he’s doing. And he’s pretending like somehow he’s better than Lesley Stahl.

[3:28] Kurt Metzger: “I cannot wish enough awful on whoever came up with the term ‘platforming’ or ‘de-platforming.’”

Jimmy Dore: “You interview everyone. They interviewed Bin Laden for f’s sake. They interviewed the Ayatollah Khomeini. [Kurt Metzger: ‘Putin’] Because Mike Wallace caught shit for it because he was too nice to Ayatollah Khomeini.

Kurt Metzger: “And you the people watching are so stupid that you’re not qualified to listen to even that. Closed hearing and you just listen to whatever we tell you.”

Jimmy Dore: “Well, Jill Lawrence says “. . .”

[shows screen shot of tweet]

Jimmy Dore: “So, she’s quoting a story that Lesley Stahl did and someone said that to her: They don’t care what you say in the story as long as the pictures look pretty of Ronald Reagan. So she’s quoting that.”

Kurt Metzger: “I think they’re really a little off on that.”

Jimmy Dore: “That was part of the PR. I remember that time of Ronald Reagan. That’s when I became politically aware. And they did talk about the photo op. They didn’t care about what the guy was saying. That’s what they claimed, anyway. And they always had these great photo ops of him looking presidential. And they didn’t care what the reporter was saying underneath the visual. It wasn’t the guy just saying it to the camera. It was showing a pretty visual of Ronald Reagan doing something presidential and they were saying bad stuff underneath the visual, and no one cared.”

But this was an interview. This is totally different. And they’re trying to pretend that you should never talk to a member of Congress if you’re on 60 Minutes. You should never, ever interview certain members of Congress, someone who represents a million people [actually, about half of that]

Kurt Metzger: “Because they don’t count, number one, those people that would like her they’re the worst people, right? They’ve just conceded, well, that the news is basically always propaganda. And, basically, what you’re supposed to be is a big campaign add. And we’re campaigning early. I don’t know if you’ve seen our astroturf YouTubes and what have you. And so that would be as crazy as if Biden started making campaign adds with Marjorie Taylor Greene. You’re really dropping the ball. Your job is supposed to be to make sure the outcome that we want is happening.”

[5:50] Jimmy Dore: “I’ll skip this but real fast: [shows screen shot of tweet]

[6:11] Jimmy Dore: “That’s a good joke. Even though I don’t agree with the political sentiment. I wish that more people, if they disagreed with Leslie Stahl would do it like Frank, and do it in a funny way. Here’s someone else: ”

Jimmy Dore: “What does she mean ‘just’?”

Kurt metzger: “I thought it was well into the pipes by now before this

[7:02] [shows screen shot of tweet]

[7:29] Jimmy Dore: Did Lesley not say ‘Oh, God,’ loud enough, or something. Here’s the last one:

Jimmy Dore: “What? That indictment is what wrecks everyone’s faith in the rule of law.”

[8:50] Kurt Metzger: “Who had faith in that?”

Jimmy Dore: “No one ever had faith in the rule of law in this country. Again, George Bush, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, they’re all war criminals …”

“It shouldn’t be that f’ing hard . . .

. . .

[10:20] Jimmy Dore: “Marjorie Taylor Green went on the 60 Minutes and she said stuff and it’s driving people crazy. Here we go. Watch . . .”

Marjorie Taylor Green: “Let me ask you a question back. Why can’t we push for a peace deal in Ukraine?”

“So Marjorie Taylor Green goes on 60 Minutes and she says she wants peace in Ukraine, and the reporter pushes back against peace in Ukraine.”

Kurt Metzger: “to hear hear Lesley Stahl’s moronic thing where I’m like, ‘Lizzy, are you just the voice of the idiot audience that likes 60 Minutes still, or do you think that what you just said sounds right?”

[13:45] Jimmy Dore: “Marjorie Taylor Green is advocating for peace and the journalist from CBS News is advocating for more war. Have things ever turned around since Vietnam. Am I right?”

Jimmy Dore: “Let’s listen . . .”

[11:20] Jimmy Dore: “First of all, she [Lesley Stahl] misframes the whole goddamn thing. This was a provoked war because the government of Ukraine [The Interim Nazi Regime in Kiev] were killing by the thousands Russian-speaking people in the eastern part of [the former] ‘Ukraine,’ which used to be part of Russia. And so they did this on purpose. And, of course, Lesley Stahl is not going to tell you any of that. But I think it’s hilarious when she says ‘we’re just going to let them invade another country.

Jimmy Dore: What the […]! Is the United States the world’s George Zimmerman? What are we? Out there patrolling other people’s neighborhoods? There’s a European Union. They could take care of this if they wanted to. And by the way, if it wasn’t for us, there would have been peace in Ukraine a f’ing year ago, in fact, there probably would have never been a war, Lesley, and a hundred thousand Ukrainians wouldn’t be dead.

Kurt Metzger: “Yeah, like rather than rewarding them for taking time, you could reward a bunch of Ukrainians with their lives and not fighting to the last man because a few, you know, Nazi militias are rabid about it.”

Jimmy Dore: “Should we let them? The arrogance of that. It also implies that we have authority in the world. Some kind of ‘moral’ authority in the world. We just killed a million people in Iraq. We just killed another how may people in Libya. 20 years in Afghanistan. We’re committing a genocide in Yemen. We are ...

Kurt Metzger: “We’re not even as good as corrupt cops.”

Jimmy Dore: “We’re not. And we’re currently occupying a third of Syria. So that’s OK for us to illegally invade another country, occupy it, and steal their natural resources; but we can’t let Putin do it?”

[13:04] Kurt Metzger: “She sounds like George Zimmerman on the 911 call. Like, ‘No, don’t. Hey, no one over there. Just wait.’ He goes: ‘They’re always getting away with it.’ And you just ran over and caused the trash that’s right.”

[13:17] We are not the world’s moral authority. We’re more of an armed, fat, violent neighborhood watch idiot. So, Marjorie Taylor Green is advocating for peace. The ‘journalist’ from CBS News is advocating for more war. Boy, have things turned around since Vietnam. Am I right?”

Kurt Metzger: “Lesley Stahl, did she do good work at one point?”

“Jimmy Dore: “Who knows?”